The Crooked Sticks Charter

The Crooked Sticks practice, interpret and experiment with European historical archery. Our focus is the great English warbow, but traditional archery in general, historical reproduction, crafts of all sorts and everyday medieval life also falls within our field of interest.

We focus on the middle of the 14th century, specifically the first period of the Hundred Years War (1337-1360) in the late medieval period.

The Crooked Sticks pledge to always aim for:

  • The highest degree of accuracy and authenticity in historical material reconstruction
  • The highest quality of interpretation and practice of historical archery within but not limited to our period of focus.
  • The highest technical level of skill and practice in historical archery.
  • To disseminate knowledge and understanding of the noble art and practice of historical archery where ever we roam.
  • To build, collect and share knowledge and experiences about historical archery digitally at and other relevant digital and/or analogue contexts.
  • Having a good time!

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